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3 Innovative Ways To Make Senior Care More Affordable

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When your aging parent gets to a point in their life when taking care of all of their needs on their own is impossible, the responsibility to make sure they are safe will often fall on you. When you have your own responsibilities to handle, this can be a lot to take on alone. This is why so many people choose to hire an in-home senior care professional to help out. Even though in-home senior care is usually afforded by insurance plans and savings, it can still be difficult to handle the extra expense. There are three innovative ways to make the costs of senior care more manageable.

Modify the Home to Be More Senior Friendly

The average residence is not always friendly for someone who may have physical challenges. For example, even stepping into a traditional bathtub or even standing to take a shower can be a lot for an elderly person to achieve. You may find that your elderly parent will not need as much time with a care agent of their home better fits their needs. For example, you could install a chair lift on stairways to make them easier to manage or a bathtub designed for seniors that allows them to easily step inside and have a seat while bathing.

Take Advantage of Technology

Virtual caregiving may sound like a far-fetched idea, but in truth, the biggest aspect of in-home senior care is just having someone to communicate with and talk to for the senior. Virtual caregivers work via the Internet and webcams to keep your loved one company and to contact you if help is needed. Additionally, you could have web cams installed through the home to help you keep an eye on your parent when you are away or a home-care representative is not present.

Check Out Respite Care

Respite care is a form of help for people who are in constant care of an elderly individual. These programs are often arranged by human services departments in a given location and provide temporary care so that primary caregivers can take a break. These programs are especially abundant for people who have Alzheimer's disease or dementia, and can help to offset the costs of in-home care.

Even though you may have no choice but to opt for senior care for your elderly parent, there may be ways that you can help save on the costs. Make sure you talk to a senior care representative at Connecting Hearts Home Care about other help and ideas that may be available.