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Does Your Parent Have End-Stage Alzheimer's? Choose Elderly Assisting Hospice Care

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If your parent has end-stage Alzheimer's and you have chosen to keep them home, you will need help taking care of them. One thing you can do is hire elderly assisting hospice care. Below is information on what this hospice care can do for your parent. 

Elderly Assisting Hospice Care 

Elderly assisting hospice care will help your parent be as comfortable as they can. Because they are at end-stage Alzheimer's, your parent will likely not be able to tell you how they are feeling. An elderly hospice care employee will likely have experience with people that have dementia and will understand the type of care they need. 

You should contact your parent's doctor as they can tell you when you should start hospice care. They may suggest you do this much sooner than you realized. The doctor can also suggest who to contact in regard to hospice care. If your parent does go to a nursing home or other facility, they can still have hospice care provided. You should contact your parent's insurance company to ensure the hospice is fully covered. 

Services Hospice Care Provides

Hospice care involves a variety of people, which includes nurses, social workers, trained volunteers, spiritual advisors, and doctors. All these people work together to develop a plan that will work best for your parent. Someone from the hospice care team will visit your parent regularly, which may be once a week, a few times a week, or every day, depending on their needs. They are generally available to contact by phone 24/7. They may do video calls with you, or you can call or text them. 

The hospice care team will ensure your parent has the right type of bed and can provide a hospital bed for your parent. They can also help provide you with other things you will need, such as adult diapers, cleaning wipes, dry shampoo, and more. They will check medications if your parent is still taking any. 

The hospice care team can refill medications as needed. They will check vital signs at each visit including taking their blood pressure and checking their oxygen levels. The hospice care team will know when the end is near. This will allow you to contact other family members and friends to come to see your parent in time. 

You will find hospice care not only benefits your parent but benefits you as well. It can take the stress off your back knowing your parent is getting the medical care they need.