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Working With Care In The Home For Your Senior Parent

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When you have a parent who is struggling to remain independent, senior in-home care can be an excellent solution. If you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks trying to keep your parent safe at home, understand that in-home care providers can take away much of this work for you. When you have a parent that is hesitant to receive services, you may have to be clear that you are not able to take care of all of the needs they have. Your parent may not realize all that you are doing, and not see a need for help because you are doing the work.

Promote Independence with At-Home Care

Explain to your parent that you are struggling to keep up with the demands of your own life and with their growing needs. You can let your parent know that by receiving senior at-home care services, they are taking away some of the work you are having a hard time with. Your parent will be able to have more independence from you and be able to get their needs met at the same time. Encourage your parent to see at-home care services as a way to maintain staying at home for as long as possible.

Figuring Out What Your Parent Needs

You can start with the basic chores you have taken over for your parent to see what you can transfer to an in-home care provider. While you might still pay your parent's bills, you may not want to keep doing their laundry. Everyone is different, and it's important to figure out what you what an at-home care provider to do in the home when they are with your parent. If you see additional needs, these will have to be negotiated with the care provider.

Keep a Communication Journal

As your parent receives services, it's important to stay in communication with any care providers that come into the home. A journal will allow people who provide care to write down any concerns, keep track of daily events, and ask questions. You will have the opportunity to read the journal and look for ways that you can improve the care your family member receives on a weekly basis.

Parents are often hesitant to accept that they need help in the home. Take your time to introduce care, and keep it simple at first. Allow an at-home care provider to take some of your tasks away so that you can enjoy time spent with your loved one instead. For more information, contact senior in-home care services near you.