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Tips To Make The Bathroom Safer For An Elderly Relative

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If you have an elderly relative, you may often worry about their well-being while they are in their home by themselves. You can make slip and fall risks less by making a few changes inside the home. The bathroom is one area where slipping happens most because of moist conditions. Here are a few ways you can help your elderly relative stay safe in the bathroom.

Add Bathroom Rails

Hand rails will make a huge impact when your loved one is in the shower or using the toilet. They will be able to grasp on to the rail for extra support, minimizing the risk of falling as a result. You can add hand rails yourself using basic household tools. Rails come in a variety of looks, making it easy to camouflage them with your loved one's decor. 

Use Non-Slip Gripping 

Place non-slip gripping tape inside your loved one's bathtub to help keep them from sliding when they get in and out. This is found in the bathroom section of a home goods store and is easy to install. Simply peel and stick the grippers in the spots desired. Gripping tape comes in different shapes and colors, and you can incorporate them into a decorative pattern in the bottom of the tub to make them look nicer. Use non-slip grip tape on the bottom of bath mats to help keep your loved one from slipping upon exiting the bathtub, as well.

Keep It Well-Lit

Adequate lighting in the bathroom will help keep your loved one from slipping, as they will be able to see where they are stepping. Swap out the light bulbs in the bathroom for higher wattage if they seem too dim. Place a few touch lights on the wall or floor of the bathroom. These are turned on easily by stepping on them or giving them a quick touch to give the room a boost of extra lighting when needed.

Consider Home Care

Think about having a home care service come to your elderly relative's home to help them do some of the tasks that are difficult. The home care worker can be there when your loved one showers, taking away the anxiety that they may slip while no one is around to give them a hand. The home care service can also be of assistance for other tasks, allowing your loved one the chance to have a bit of socialization while getting things done without risk of injury. (For more information, you can contact All Stat Home Health)