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Tired of Hanging around in the Hospital? Ask for a Home Health Nurse

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Most people hear the term "home health care" and immediately think of a nurse going to check on an elderly patient. The truth is you can have home health care for many situations. You may get back to normal faster if you are comfortable, in your own home, sleeping in your own bed. Here are some of the times you can get out of the hospital early and still receive the care you need.

After Surgery

Once the surgeon feels you are not in any serious danger of complications after surgery, you may be released to go home. However, you may still need regular to monitoring to make sure you continue to recover without any setbacks. You may need medications, or treatments that your family cannot help you with.

After an Injury

Depending on the injury, you may not be able to care for yourself at home. Bathing, dressing or even getting out of bed and to a chair may require assistance. Your family may have to go to work or school, leaving you alone for extended periods of time. A home health nurse can come to your home and help. If there is an open wound, he or she can change the dressing and make sure there is no infection. When you are stuck in bed for long times, a nurse will make sure no pressure sores develop. The nurse can also teach family members how to bathe you and move you without injuring themselves.


A home nurse can do basic physical therapy with you while you are recuperating at home. This allows you to heal faster without needing to have transportation to and from the clinic. If you are having issues dealing with a health situation, a psychiatric nurse or counselor can visit with you to help you overcome the trauma.

Understanding Your Condition

Sometimes, you would have to stay in the hospital to go through training about how to take care of yourself and a medical condition, especially if you need special equipment. This can include lung problems that require oxygen, a heart monitor or pacemaker, or any type of equipment that administers medication. A home nurse will teach you how to operate and maintain the equipment. You will also be taught how to monitor your health condition to know when to use it.

Everything seems better when you are home. You will heal faster when there is less stress. Learning about your health and condition is easier when you are in familiar surroundings too. Once you are awake, and alert, ask your doctor if you can go home to finish the treatment of your condition. Having a home health nurse from a clinic like First In Care Home Health Agency Inc can make it happen.